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ALERT: As we announced BESTJOIN.US starts tutoring service to all members without tuition by funding of sponsors! We are going to build and share cyber community together. BESTJOIN.US will share this opportunity with all tutoring members and affiliate members include DS Domination members to lead them for reaching everyone's goal!


Earning Technology

You can find many ways to reach goals with from 100% FREE MEMBERSHIP beneffits. As we are building Cyber Empire, all members are our important team members for achieving FUTURED SOCIAL community. Only thing difference between FREE MEMBERSHIP and Tuition Membership is the way to take lessons which provides for members. If you know basic theory of interent with common sense about computer and mobile devices you can start self study. We will lead every members to get on cyber working place as people are exist for their own environmental as real Community but much bigger than offline. Please recognize CYBER WORLD is not a fiction, it is real world doing every matters. It will be backbone for convenience humen lives both business and private ways. You will learn many skills and strategies from our membership beneffits to increase your revenues using earning technologies on internet. Whenever you can upgrade your membership for more service to plant solid methods to your E-BUSINESS. To register your membership, CLICK HERE

BRONZE MEMBER  [$29.99 for register/first 3 months fee] + after 3 months $9.99/per month [Donation]

Earning Technology

Three Levels of Tuition Memebershiip with very affordable fee and two levels of non tuition membership will hook your situation from normal online life to special online life. As much as give you chances you also have to give those great chances to your community members who are connected to you. We will back up whatever direction you want to do E-Business that you can pick our strategies and skills. You will find our monthly tuition fees is from $9.99/month to $29.99/month or one time invest for your e-store. Your tuition will be reinvested for your E-Business Succcess as we explained as for WIN & WIN projects between members actual help each other. This method is not the binery neither multi level marketing. What you are donate or pay per month is tuition that ties you as the member to reach your goals and leading you to success is our goal keeping our member stronger. I believe that you knew Information Technologies took over communication field that you can be sure from your mobile devices which are using every moment. Our New Wave of Earning technologies based on all those I.T. developped technologies. To register your membership, CLICK HERE

SILVER MEMBER [$39.99 for register/first 2 months fee] + after 6 months $19.99/per month [Donation]

Earning Technology

My beggining time when I started E-Business, I spent time and money very much becuase nobody led me right direction what to do, how to do. I was attempted and blinded to many bluffing scams as rich quick temptations which drove me loosing a lot of money also times. After many of mistakes setting E-Business, I made up my mind that I will open website for new bees preventing wasting times and money. I am still sure if I lead members well, we can build very unique and powerful NEXT GENERATION community as same company enployees as work together help together enjoy together online also off line. Three easy tuition courses start from $9.99/month, to $29.99/month or one time invest for your eStore. The difference between course is intensive tutoring period. All member will get 24/7/365 support by E-Mail and intensive tutor is one to one tutor that will be given to Bronze members for three months, Silver members for six months and Gold members for a year. The most effectorble membership beneffits are depend on clients efforts, Results of E-Business will depend on individual members' activities of our prepared technologies and strategies. To register your membership, CLICK HERE

GOLD MEMBER [$49.99 for register/first 2 months fee] + after 2 months $29.99/per month [Donation]

Earning Technology

Intensive tutors include executive skills and technologies for your E-Business. You will find out it more easier with higher membership because you have longer period time to take and closer position to get it with our experts. From GOLD MEMERSHIP, you can sell our own items either B2B or B2V even both. We are manufacturing/importing fashion goods and fashion accesories also fine jewely. If you are affiliate webstore or affiliate items, you can start E-Store right a way without stocking products and overhead to build E-Store. If you already started study by yourself and got enough knowledge from collaborate member, it is time to involve opening your e-business selling products or if you are focusing to sell DIGITAL products with affiliate using others' products, it still need a guru or mentor preventing loosing loop. If you are getting closer to your goals or success, we will needs you more than others to train our future employees who are starting with us to reach GOALS. We will need many teritory leaders manging employees and audience by region teritories. We are sure you will enjoy our NEW WAVE of EARNING TECHNOLOGIES! To register your membership, CLICK HERE

PLATINUM MEMBER [One Time $500.00 / one Domain + Hosting Service Included] [Free Service with Affiliate]

Earning Technology

All membership except PLATINUM don't support to develop E-Business platform which is website. We serve developping E-Business platform to platinum membership. This membership is supporting ultimate beneffits for life time as treatment as our contract employees. We will concentrate to pay attention training as our leader of willing teritory and candidates should be proved eligibilitities by our HR. Whever situation if you are proof that you achieve to your goal by data, we will mostly issue permit being high skilled teritory leader who can get company's option for better position of WIN & WIN project. This one time payment will bring very usaful and powerful E-Business platform include all tutors and beneffits we are supporting members plus executive technologies to build CYBER EMPIRE together. We also let proven leader access managment system for upgrade skills to control audience organization which we call CYBER EMPIRE COMMUNITY! Think the other direction to develop your blog will need higher inverst than our tutoring platinum membership. It is really worthy to you also to us if you agree WIN & WIN project with us!. To register your membership, CLICK HERE